A story from my past

Hello!! Well April now - nearly Easter!

Welcome to the Chapter 2 release! We hope that you are enjoying all the FABULOUS projects the team have created so far. 

In this project, the dies I have used are;

- Folio Card Case 666278

- Mini Slimline and Tickets 666277

- Journaling Card, Envelope and Window 666276

For this months release project, I wanted to create something a bit more personal to what I would usually create. So I have reconnected with my past and fished out some old photographs, of my gran and my great great grandparents. 

I grew up knowing my Gran until she sadly past away when I was 14 years old. She had suffered from dementia for a number of years before she sadly lost her fight with pneumonia and a massive stroke.

Gran is the reason I am in to Art & Crafts. Every Saturday I used to spend the afternoon with my gran, she would show me how to draw, create craft projects and we also used to go walking in the woods and make dens! Used to love den building and climbing trees 🌳. Gran gave me the best childhood memories. 

I never knew my grandad sadly, as he died when he was 55 of a severe asthma attack and issues with his heart. Gran used to tell me about him, he was a farmer too, when my grandad died, my dad took over the farm where I grew up. Farming and being in the great outdoors was the best place to be. I love animals 🐄

So, enough of my past, let’s get down to my project…..

Step 1: I cut out all the components to make my journal…

Step 2: I then covered the covers of the journal and glued the spines together…

Step 3: I added lace ribbon and twine ribbon to the spine of the journal. I added twine to fasten the journal.…

Step 4: Wooden embellishments were then used to decorate the front cover…

Step 5: I started to decorate inside the journal using cuts from the Mini Slimline and Tickets die. 

Wooden embellishments were added inside the journal too, along with a couple of pegs to hang photos on…

Step 6: I then added a bit of thin ribbon as a finishing touch…

Step 7: I photocopied a selection of family photographs ready to use throughout my project. Taking a piece of matboard, I used the ticket die over the top, sent it through the die cutter and made an imprint. I wanted to create a visual look, just like a negative of a camera film. 

I decided to colour the dots using a mocha shade pen…

Step 8: Photographs were then chopped up and added. 
Pictured on this ‘film negative’ are;
- Top left corner - My gran (Edith), Dad (Noel) and his brother Bert (Bert sadly died at the age of 16 from a whole in his heart)
- Bottom left corner - Possibly my grans Aunt/great aunt (not 100% sure on this photo)
- Right side - My gran.

Step 9: I created the envelope and insert. I kept the patterned card the same for both projects…

Step 10: I added a couple of sparkly flowers down the spine of the book to complete my project…

More project photos…

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Don’t forget to head over to www.eileenhull.com to check out the rest of the teams projects!

See you all soon!

Sarah Lizzie ❤️


  1. I LOVE this project- it's like seeing your family tree in one little book! Would be cool to have the person's pic on one side and notes about them on the back so you could see where there were in the family history <3 Gorgeous book!

  2. This cards case must be beautiful in person, I know when Eileen was showing it on the video showing all the details and family photos gave it life. Thanks for sharing!!!


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